Alien workshop reflective evaluation

Evaluation and Reflection: Visual Communication: I think that the visual communication elements of this designs complete the needs of the brief as it states "You are asked to design the symbols the aliens use to attempt to communicate with Earthlings. You decide what they are trying to say – but your designs must work in... Continue Reading →


Alien Typeface target audience

Again there was no set target audience from the given brief however personally who I think my target audience is are people who have a general interest in alien and sic-fi films like doctor who etc. They will find this really interesting so this who main main target audience are. Also maybe people who work... Continue Reading →

Design Process For the Alien Typeface

The first thing I did was open the image in Illustrator and started tracing around the letter with the pen tool however when I removed the background it just didn't look great so I thought I would take different approach to it. The lines looked to monkey and it just wasn't as accurate as I... Continue Reading →

Alien Typeface Sketches

Here are the sketches I did while researching different types of typefaces that would look good as an alien typefaces. On the left hand side I started experimenting with lots of different letters and shapes to see what layout worked and what patterns worked well together classed as an alien typeface. I like so many... Continue Reading →

Research for Alien Typeface

For this project the brief stated "Imagine a film company is producing a blockbuster about aliens. You are asked to design the symbols the aliens use to attempt to communicate with Earthlings". So for this part of the brief I need to create my own alien typeface so to do this I needed to do some... Continue Reading →

Logo typeface reflective evaluation

Evaluation and Reflection Visual Communication: I think that I have completed the needs of the brief for the logo workshop as it states "Compulsory -There will be a logo speed working workshop. You will create several ideas for one logo (possibly two – you will be advised on the day) and work this up towards... Continue Reading →

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