Alien workshop reflective evaluation

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Evaluation and Reflection:

Visual Communication:

I think that the visual communication elements of this designs complete the needs of the brief as it states “You are asked to design the symbols the aliens use to attempt to communicate with Earthlings. You decide what they are trying to say – but your designs must work in terms of a human film audience understanding the translation reveal at the end of the film. You must base your designs on having explored a variety of non-Latin letterforms, goldsmiths and printers marks and other sign and symbol systems. You must be able to show how the tools used help create the style and aesthetics of the aliens symbols. You must present about consistent five symbols with justifications”.  I’ve been able to achieve this because I have produced 5 letter forms, and I had shown the research I undertook and what inspired my final design. Plus I showed what tools I used to create my final alien typeface which was the brief asked me to do.  I don’t think that my design has failed to meet the brief as I created 5 alien symbols. The strengths of my design is the way I’ve decided to present my design with white text on a black background as I think it makes the design look more dynamic with the colours that way round. I think one of my weaknesses is that some of the letter forms are a bit wobbly and aren’t as accurate as I would have liked however I’m sure this is due to the little amount of time we had to produce it. I think some of the letter forms could have been improved and developed further which would have brought the final outcome to higher standard.

Reflection of own working practices:

My time keeping for this project wasn’t as good the previous projects as I left it to last and started to run out time which probably wasn’t the best thing. I thought that the my analysis of the brief was okay however I found it a bit more difficult than the other two. I did lots of research for this project as I needed lots of ideas and inspiration for this project. I looked at different types of letter forms like Arabic and Russian as I found the symbols and shapes really interesting meaning I was able to draw conclusions from all this research towards my designs. This also allowed to generate more ideas and helped develop my ideas further to create my final outcomes. I used on going evaluations to help draw conclusions of my work and help develop my designs and new ideas. I did lots of experimenting in this project through sketching layout and type ideas, with out this important step I probably wouldn’t have been able to produce my final design. I really enjoyed researching into different cultural typefaces and comparing them to ours seeing how different they are but also trying to see similarities between them.  I actually found the whole project quite difficult as it was something I had never done before however I started to enjoy it as it was another skill I had developed which will come in use in the future. The whole project was inspiring by seeing how everyone came up with different designs, it was such a creative project that really showed how everyone interpreted the brief differently.

Good Design Evaluation:  

Again due to the limited time available for this project I didn’t really consider the sustainable side to this project. However on the ethic side of thing I had to be really care on what the symbols meant in different languages as I didn’t want to cause any offence to anyone as this could damage the reputation I have as a designer.  I wouldn’t say this a step forward or a step back for the sustainable and ethical complications however I know that I have to more aware of this when designing. A target I would set myself would be to become more socially aware on whats going on around me so I can portray this in my designs.


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