Research for Alien Typeface

For this project the brief stated “Imagine a film company is producing a blockbuster about aliens. You are asked to design the symbols the aliens use to attempt to communicate with Earthlings”. So for this part of the brief I need to create my own alien typeface so to do this I needed to do some serious research into different styles of typography. I thought a good place to start researching would be looking at Russian lettering and type as I have previously looked at Russian posters and typography plus I went to an exhibition at the good design museum. I also wanted to look at Arabic as well as some of the lettering I find really interesting which could work well alongside some Russian typography as well.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.42.15This image contains latin letter forms that I found really interesting and when looking at this type of typography I thought that these could easily be used and be made into an alien typeface. The variation in this typeface again gave me ideas on how I could interoperate this into my own work. I got a lot of inspiration from this style of lettering as before I looked at alien typeface on the internet and there wasn’t a lot to work from. While researching I took lots of sketches which I will showing a separate blog post. After looking at this style of typography I went on to look at Russian typography which I thought would go well with the Arabic typefaces.

Above are other types of Arabic typeface that I found off the internet which I found really inspiring I think these will feature in my alien type, however I will adapt it slightly to make it look more alien based and so I can be a bit creative with it as well.

Here are some examples of Russian typefaces and what I liked about theses were the reflective patterns within the letters. By doing this research I saw some familiar letter forms that I saw during the Russian revolution lesson and during the exhibition. I thought by using both Russian and arabic letters forms I would be able to create a really effective alien typefaces and this is all due to the research I did. The Russian typefaces are quite bold and uses lots of thick lines which gives off quite a powerful message where as the arabic letter forms are a lot thinner and flow into teacher being more elegant. However I feel like I can combine these two typefaces together showing both similarities and the flow of an alien typeface.


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