Logo typeface reflective evaluation

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Evaluation and Reflection

Visual Communication:

I think that I have completed the needs of the brief for the logo workshop as it states “Compulsory –There will be a logo speed working workshop. You will create several ideas for one logo (possibly two – you will be advised on the day) and work this up towards a final as much as you can in the time allocated. Logo “brands” will be allocated to you.” I have created a logo for the design volunteers which is what the brief asked for.  I can’t really see how my design doesn’t fulfil the brief as I kept referring to the brief while completing this project. I would one of the strengths of this project is how clear the design is to read and understand plus it is exactly want the brief asked. A weakness of the design is that it looks quite rushed as we only had like 2 hours to complete it, however I think I did quite well considering the time frame we had. I don’t think my design could be mis read as it actually states the design volunteers name on it and I think my design looks like a real logo. Practical improvements that could be made to the design is maybe the accuracy and the overall finish could be improved.

Reflection of own working practices

My time keeping on this project was actually really good as I had to do all my research and produce a final outcome within 2 hours so I had to be really focused and get everything done. My analysis of the brief was fine and I clearly understood what was being asked of me and what I needed to achieve. I did a little bit of research however I only had a small amount of time and I would have liked to have done more in-depth research to get a better quality outcome. I used my search to draw conclusions as it gave inspiration and ideas for ways I could improve my current logo ideas. I found this project quite stressful so didn’t enjoy it too much however as it was completed quite quickly that was quite a relief so I was able to focus on the two the projects. I did quite a lot of experiments with sketching new ideas then experimenting on the computer and making a digital copy. I think the whole logo could be developed from the shape and the fonts used and I think if I had more time to complete it I could have produced a more polished design.

Good Design Evaluation 

Like the previous project sustainability didn’t really cross my mid in the short time frame I had however I did use quite a bit of paper for sketching and writing down ideas which actually produced quite a bit of wastage and this is defiantly an improvement I need to make in future designs and projects.

As this was a logo for the whole class I had to make sure it presented us in the best light as graphic designers so no offensive symbols or language that could easily offend people.

I’m not sure that has been a step forward or a step backwards however I do think need to just me conscience on what I’m producing and the content of my designs.

A target for me would be to make sure I’m being ethical and sustainable at each step of the design process.


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