Alien Typeface Sketches

img_0185.jpgHere are the sketches I did while researching different types of typefaces that would look good as an alien typefaces. On the left hand side I started experimenting with lots of different letters and shapes to see what layout worked and what patterns worked well together classed as an alien typeface. I like so many different symbols and and letters that looked so different to the english language. Once I had chosen my favourite letter forms I then started playing around with layout and the style of my inspired typeface. I wanted to have a bold typeface where all elements look simliar and the design flows throughout.

IMG_0181My final idea and design is show to the left. I actually really like my final design as it shows all the elements of my research and shows a good development process. The consistency of the lines in the letter forms had to be the same to have continuity with the design. The next step for me is to scan this into the computer and start tracing it with the pen tool or live trace.


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