Logo workshop Sketches

One of the mini briefs within the brief was the compulsory workshop where in a limited time slot where we were given a company then do sketches and if we had time to make a digital copy. During this time I was able to do some make multiple sketches however I did find it hard to chose one design I liked and make a digital copy. I did abhor of research on Pinterest, google and looked at similar company designs. I did about 3 pages of sketches as I wanted to do as much experimenting as I could plus it showed that I was able to come up with multiple ideas in a shot amount of time. Below I;m going to add photos of my sketches showing all my ideas and how I got to my final design idea.

Here are many are the many designs that I did and these designs are how I was able to achieve my design outcome. I going to do another post showing the design process, the actual design was made by taking on sketched design and experimenting with it on the computer.


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