Typographic Evaluations


Evaluation and Reflection:

Visual Communication:

I would say that the visual communication of my design meets the needs of the brief as the brief states “This could be anything you choose, such as: a simple layout, set a poem or lyric, a typographic poster, a logo. Please discuss your choice with a tutor before you start” I achieved this by creating a typographic poster that contained a simple quote inspired by an art movement and it is a clear and effective layout. The design of my poster stayed within the regulations of the brief. I wouldn’t say that there are any aspects of my design that doesn’t meet the brief as I made sure that I followed the brief at all times by regularly referring back to it during the design process. I thin that the theme of women empowerment is strongly shown throughout the design with colour scheme that complements the design. I think that one of my strengths of this design was the combination of text and visual elements as even though this was a typographic project, there is actually little text on the page however I think this works to my advantage and looks more effective as it captures the audiences attention as limited doesn’t look so daunting to people reading it. Plus due to the simple pop art design having less text works well and in pop art there isn’t a lot text incorporated in the designs, has lots of visuals instead.  I would one of the weakness of this design is that on the letter G the shadowing angle isn’t as accurate as the other letters and if had more time to go back over the design this is something I would defiantly have a go at correcting and make the shadow the same as all the other letters. Another way the design could have been improved is that I’m not sure that the letters are completely central so this could be changed plus I think the size of the dots in the background could have been laid out better and have been scaled better. This is an improvement and something to be aware of for next time. I don’t think that my design could be be mis-read or mis-understood by the audience as I think that design clearly shows a pop art theme with the dots and use of block colour. I also wanted to use a typeface that resembled this art movement so I went with a chunky typeface of Arial Black and this seemed to work really well. However with the quote as it’s missing the vowels from the word ‘Girl Power’ so I guess this could be a bit confusing.

Reflection of own working practices:

My time keeping on this project was actually really good as I was able to conduct research and produce my final outcome all in one day, so I was able to be really focused and got all the work I needed to get done all in one day. I think my analysis of the brief was really good as I was able to understand what was being asked of me and had no trouble with reading it. I did lots of in-depth research as I find this a really important part of a project as it helps with development and idea generation of a project plus it just gives me lots of inspiration for designing. By doing research at the beginning of the project it really helped me generate ideas for theme as I got to see other designs and how they planned and laid out their work plus I got to see what colour schemes were popular for the pop art movement which seemed to be lots of different colours. I used evaluations of my work throughout the process to help with development as it allowed to to criticise my own work and reflect on what I had achieved and what I needed to do next to improve my designs or ideas. I did quite a bit of experimenting in this project by making sketches as I was able to experiment with different designs / ideas and combine them together. I really enjoyed this project as there really was a limit on what you wanted to design, it was very open and I really liked this and I really liked being able to chose a theme for this project as well. I really enjoy making posters like this project so I was really in my element.

Good Design Evaluation:

Due to this project being so short there wasn’t really a lot time to consider sustainability however when it came to printing I tried to produces the least amount of waste as possible in face I think I only made one print so there was no paper waste what so ever.

The ethical impacts was something I had to consider when designing my poster as the theme was women empowerment. I wanted to make an impact and draw attention to my design however I had to be careful not to offend anyone but still giving the impact I originally intended it to have.

I think in a sustainable sense I have made progress and during the designing and making process there was 0 wastage so that is defiantly an improvement plus I was able to produce a powerful poster with a message and it didn’t have any ethical impacts.

I think a target for me would be think in a more sustainable manner during the designing process to make my design as sustainable as possible.




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