Trip to the good design Museum

On Friday the 26th of may we went to the Russian revolution at the good design museum London.  I don’t have any photographs of the exhibition to upload to the blog as there was a no photography policy. While walking round the exhibition I started to notice all the design information we had learnt in a previous lesson that had been put to practice in really Russian art from that era. We learnt about the use of shapes and how red, black and white being the colours of the modern art moment plus they were cheep colours to print. It was also really interesting to red new information about the Russian revolution and how this had an impact on their designs and their view on art. There was a mixture of print, sculptures and videos supporting all the art work. The main focus of this trip was to look at the typography to help with the current brief. The Russian typography was really bold with thick lines showing power of the Russians had or were craving to have and also shows the dominence they had over their people. Lots of the work I saw was very similar to Nazi propaganda however this was pre ww2. This Trip was a big eye opener for me and I think this will help with the development of my alien typeface and there were some really interesting shapes and symbols with the text.



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