Influential artists

The typographic project needed some good research for the quote/text to complement the visual elements of the design. The brief stated that “This could be anything you choose, such as: a simple layout, set a poem or lyric, a typographic poster, a logo. Please discuss your choice with a tutor before you start”. I had already on my Pinterest page saved some really good quotes and I thought a good theme for this would be women empowerment. In my sketchbook I wrote down some quotes that I really liked.


I thought some of these quotes where quite inspirational however I wanted a specific theme so Sancha gave me a few artists to look at who have women empowerment as a theme.

Barbra Kruger :


I really liked this collage effect with empowering messages, I also like the black and white photographs alongside the red text and borders. Black red and white are modernist colours and are cheep to print, we learnt this during our Russian revolution lesson however I’m not sure if this still applies to these kind if designs. These were really inspiring and  really considered using this style however I thought the focus on these designs was manly on the photography so I decided to look at some other artists.

Gorilla Girls:


I thought that the gorilla girls posters and quotes were again really inspirational however It really wasn’t what I ha in mind for my own work. The messages that they are portraying is really important which is what makes their designs powerful and has a big impact.






Roy Lichtenstein: 

2172e7adc1bf096f5ccd6214d6214572Roy_Lichtenstein_Drowning_GirlRoy Lichtenstein

I really liked this style of work with the speech bubbles plus in previous years I have done lots of Roy Lichtenstein’s work and being a major part of the pop art movement. Lots of his work included women like the images above. I thought that this style would work really well with my theme. My first idea was to do an illustration of a girl with an inspirational quote in the speech bubble, however while looking back at my idea there wasn’t much typography more illustration so my next step was to look at pop art typography and see if I could find anything that would work well with my theme.


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