Target audience

So for this project as I previously stated that my target audience would be people who read photography now or are creative and have an interest in photography, and this is a reflective post to see if I think I have been able to aim my designs at this type of audience. By looking back at the brief I think I have been able to achieve most of the requirements alongside targeting the right audience. In my designs I have used a wide range of visual content such as photography including different styles, sizes and colour. Also the things in which I took pictures of are all different as well. On each double page spread I really wanted to make sure that there was the right amount of visual elements as well as text so that they complemented each other so it was too overpowering or overwhelming with too much text. With three out of my four double page spreads one page was just an image and the other had text on it, this worked really well as it defined the two and made it clear and easy to read and understand. Even though the environment for each double page spread are different  wanted there to be some similarities in the design style so lots of the images are in black and white apart from the last image. Overall I think I was able to target my set audience for this project, I think keen photographers would enjoy my double page spreads as the articles alongside are relatable to photography and they might find them interesting. My simplistic approach might intrigue lots of people as It might have different impacts on people and could develop different opinions about this style of photography.





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