Final Prints

So after making all the corrections that I discovered from doing my test prints, I was then ready to print my final copies that I’m going to hand in for submission. I printed my double page spread onto special glossy Epsom paper which used especially for the printer we have in the class room. By using the correct paper for the printer the better quality my prints will turn out.  When I exported my designs from Indesign, I made sure that when printed crop and bleed marks would show so that when I come round to cutting them up and mounting them for my portfolio it will make it a lot easier and give me more accurate measurements for cutting it up. Another thing I did while exporting the file Tim told me about exporting the design as spreads not individual pages as this will look better when printed as you won’t get a line down the middle separating the individual pages. The spread setting worked really well and the outcome looked amazing. I’m really pleased with how my double page spreads printed, they looked just as I wanted them too, The photographs were really good quality and the layout worked perfectly. The reasoning behind this was one due to the good camera I used and two being that I made sure all files were linked into the document properly. I really enjoyed this editorial brief and would like to do more things like this in the future plus I really enjoyed using photography for a change rather than illustrations.

FullSizeRender 13IMG_0150IMG_0151



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