Articles from my double page spreads

My Chosen Environment: 

For my chosen environment, I decided to explore micro photography. I discovered this style of photography when experimenting with taking photographs when away on holiday. I took some amazing close images of tree bark and other plants where you could see all the detail and moss on the branch. There was just something so interesting about it as when an object has been photographed up close it can sometimes look completely different and adds mystery to the photograph. I then went out in the area where I live and started taking more images using micro photography. The equipment I used was my DSLR camera and my phone where I attached a micro lens that I bought from the internet. They both worked really well however both took completely different styles of micro photography. The camera took really clear images however sometimes it found it hard to focus due to having various other plants and object in the background. The phone lens was able to get very close to the object which also took high quality photographs. I then had to compare the photographs taken to see which style worked best.

To help with styling of my images I did some research into multiple photographers, such as Edward Weston, Fay Godwin, plus some more modern photographer like Galen & Barbara Rowell and Colin Prior. However the photographer that I took most inspiration from is Karl Blossfeldt. He was a scientist who took micro photography to study plants and look at them close up. Even though he wasn’t an official photographer I liked his style of photography and I like how they all flow by having the same white background which also makes the object standout more over all making the photograph more dramatic. The black and white of the photographs highlights the detail and texture within the objects and I thought these would work well with a panel of images taken in this style so this is how I got the inspiration for my theme and style of micro photography. I think that the photographs I have taken and displayed ,represent and resemble the work of Karl Blossfeldt however at the same time putting my own spin on them to achieve and fulfil the requirements of the set brief. I wanted the photographs to be presented in a tiled format on one page as I think having them together kept a flow to the design as well as creating a more affective design.  – 414 words 

The Crystal: 

I wanted to take an industrial approach to my photography at the Crystal as this would show contrast between my own environment and Dungeness. As the Crystal is quite a powerful looking building I felt like making the image a black and white effect would show the dominance of the building. This defined the shape and structure of the building. The angle of the photo makes the building seems as if it’s towering over the audience. I also wanted to have a font that complimented the style of the building and Ariel Black seemed to mirror the same effect as the Crystal. – 102 words 


What I liked about this photo is the way you can see different sections of the reserve.  For example you can see the water with reeds with sun reflecting off the water. You can also see in the distance, sand and grass showing the different aspects. Dungeness was very quiet and peaceful, so I wanted to capture this in my photography. I was also able to capture the peace of Dungeness with the colour editing on the image. I added faint colour with grey tones which linked to previous images while adding a relaxed feel to the photograph. – 98 words


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