Different paper types

Before printing I wanted to look at different paper types to print my double page spreads on, I left it to late to oder some in time for the deadline however if I wanted to reprint these pages for my portfolio I thought it might be a good idea to do some research into different paper type that might suit my design style. To help with this decision I looked at the free samples I received from G.F Smith earlier on in the year. I looked at a few different types from one of their books plus some other spare sheets they gave me.

I really like lots of paper types from this book, especially the zen paper types both digital and lithographic printing paper. I really like a lots of paper featured in the book, in my next project I will be more organised and pre-order paper that might suit a curtain project plus this would really improve my portfolio. The paper I intend to use for my double page spread is EPSOM A3 printing paper which works really well with the printer making the outcome to a high quality.


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