Sketches and Ideas

So before starting to build the double page spread on the computer, I thought it would be a good idea to do multiple sketches to get an idea on what I want to achieve and what should go on each of the double page spreads. So in the image below you can see four ideas of each individual double page spread. This was kind of like the idea generation list however I did it with images and sketches. By sketching with trial and error this allowed my ideas and plans to develop into my final design outcome .


So as you can see by the image below, this is what my final idea looks like. I wanted to keep it simple as sometimes these kind of designs are more effective. I thought once I had come up with my design, I would do one final sketch with labels showing what detail was on each page so for example I have labeled the text “Micro Photography” as I wanted people to know that I made the text small to represent and link to micro photography. By doing this it give me a more vivid idea on what I need to create on the computer.




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