Applying my research to my work

After researching into micro photography and photographers, I thought it would be a good idea to apply the stuff I have learnt to my own work and photography. So while still experimenting with micro photography, I took some really good images that I though would be a good idea to edit in the style of karl Blossfeldt. The work that karl Blossfeldt produced were close up images of plants and other object in nature however they are all in black and white. So this is a response to his work really.

FullSizeRenderSo this is an image that I took on my iPhone with a detachable lens. I was able to get a really close up shot of the dandelion showing all the individual seeds. I made this link to karl Blossfeldt’s work by adding a black and white effect and also by using micro photography. I also went on further and applied this technique to more images I  had taken in his style plus I added the black and white effect to previous images I had taken during the Easter holidays. These images below really show texture and shadow and this is due to the levels of darkness from the black and white effect. Out of these two images my favourite one is the twisted tree branches as I really like the proportion showing some parts of the plan being closer and some of it being further away. I also like the markings all over the branch which again is highlighted more by the add effect. Another thing about this photo that I like is how the branches and twigs intertwine with each other creating different patterns plus the moss and scratches on the wood adds more texture and tone to the image. The bottom image again is very interesting and the black and white just links the image back to previous artists I have looked at. This pos has helped me compare what images I have already taken to artists I have researched. I was able to take previous images and transformed them into artist inspired work. I know that for my double page spread I’m going to take new photos however I can take the experience from these photos and use that for my new images.

DSC_0442DSC_0492 (1)




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