Sketches from Dungeness

So while at Dungeness, as well as taking photographs I thought it would be a good idea to do some small sketches. However due to there being a lot of strong wind I found it quite difficult to do sketches plus I did spend way too much time on taking photographs. The sketches I took were of some small plants and objects and one landscape sketch. I know that my drawings aren’t that good however I do think recording things in different ways is also very good plus develops your creative skill and also your ability to draw.

IMG_0130Here were my first two sketches and the image below is my third sketch. In conclusion I’m glad I did so sketches as it shows that I’m able to use a broad range of mediums as well as the photography I took while I was there. I am going to do more sketching and drawing during this project as I’m going to sketch my page layout ideas so I can have an idea on what I want to achieve before I start making on the computer. IMG_0131



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