Research for Double Page Spreads

To help me with my own page layout, I decided it would be a good idea to do some research into some double page spread layouts. I want a really sleek look to my double page spread and the images I have found are double page spreads like I like the layout of and the overall design. The biggest problem I’m having is the use of colour as for my own environment all the photographs are going to be in black and white however the double page spreads for the two trip will be in colour (at the moment). I’m going to insert the images below and talk about what I like about the design and how I intend to incorporate into my own work and double page spreads.

imagesmagazine spreadHere you can see two pictures of double page spreads. I thought this would be a really good example of what I need to achieve for this project. As you can see the first double page spread is a bit like an introduction to the article stating the theme of my double page spread, one big image that adds a focus point to the page and the underneath the bold title there is a little caption giving a brief introduction to the reader. I really like this layout as it think this breaks down the images and defines the two separate double page spreads. I want all my text to be on one double page spread not over two so this layout will work perfectly, plus I love the simple black and white colour scheme. The second double page spread is also placed very well with images being on side and text on the other, plus the placing of the text I find is so unique being printed on its side however I think it works really well and gives this simplistic page an edgy design. I really like these two double page spreads and I will use these as a reference for my own design, however I’m still going to look at further designs as by doing so can develop my ideas even further.


These images above are more double page spreads that I found on the internet. The layout that has been used is interesting and creative however I don’t think this really work for the style I’m going for or the photos I’m going to use. The layouts are very creative and my favourite is the ‘City typography’ page as I think the contrast on images and text has worked well and I think it’s just really eye-catching. The reasoning I’m looking at page layouts which are in black and white is because I’m planning on making my environment photographs all in black and white in response to a certain photographer.

Abrupt_02_FV2_p10-12_spreads-11This double page spread is the only one that’s all in colour. I thought it would be a good idea to vary my research as the other double page spreads might be in colour so I still need to see what works well with coloured images.I love the collage effect this gives plus it has a real industrial feel to it. What I also like is how the text starts odd being black and then when it overlaps the main image it turns to white, to make it easier to read against the background image. I have found this research task very helpful and informative as I now  know what kind of style and layout I’m after and therefore the next step for me will be doing various sketches of page layouts and discover what layout I intend to use for the ‘Photography now’ magazine.  I know what size I need to work to as the brief states “The format of these pages is 200mm x 200mm per single page”, so this gives me a ride to work to. More research into page layout techniques is needed to help with placing and accuracy.


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