My chosen Environment

After doing lots of research through various different mediums, I’ve been able to decided what my chosen environment for the brief. My chosen topic is Micro photography however I want to include the style of Karl Blossfeldt. The reasoning behind this topic is while experimenting with photography, I discovered that the best photos I had taken where really close up photos showing a new side to the object photographed. By experimenting and practising I discovered that I really like the style of micro photography as you can get so much more depth and texture in the photo plus it can sometimes look completely different from the object photographed. At the moment I have only taken micro images of nature and plants however I would like to go into town and take some micro images of some industrial items and objects. I thought that this post would be go to reference back to at the end of the project when I’m writing my evaluations as I can refer back and see if I was able to achieve my set goals and if I am happy with the final outcome. The next step for me is defiantly look into page layout as this could develop my creative ideas and help develop the project further and get the ideas flowing.


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