Further research in photographers

After researching into Karl Blossfeldt, I thought I would do a little more research into landscape photographers that I think are similar to Karl Blossfeldt’s work or could have the potential to be combined with other ideas.

Edward Weston: 

 Here is the Photographer Edward Weston, he was born in 1886 and died in 1958.  I only came across this man while searching on the internet , the reason that his work caught my eye was because I could see the similarity in his work from Karl Blossfeldt. I needed to see close up photography that looked quite unique. it is also in black and white which give the image so depth and tone while at the same time giving it that Victorian vibe. Below I am going to attach some of his work .

In my own work this is what I want to achieve, it’s a style between Karl Blossfeldt and Edward Weston.

So after looking at two previous photographers that have used micro photography, I thought it would be a good idea to look at a photographer who just does black and white photography.

Fay Godwin: 

Image resultThis photographer is called Fay  Goodwin. Originally I came across her name while searching the internet, however I was then given her name on a list of good photographers to research from Sancha. I then started doing some research into her work to see what her work was like and if there was any similarity to what the brief is and how I could interoperate her ideas and photos into my own work. Her work is not micro photography, however it is taken in black and white which is similar to the previous photographers I’ve looked at. Below I’m going to insert some images of her work below and compare them to the previous photographers I’ve already researched.

What I like about her work is that even thought there is no colour in her pictures at all, there is still expression shown through tone and texture. As I am planning to use micro photography for my environment double page spread her work has been very inspirational. From doing some research into different photographers it has helped me draw to a conclusion on what I want to achieve with my photos, not just for my down double page spread but for all four. Once I have made my final decision on what I want to do, I think that the next step for me will be to start doing research into page layout via the internet and books from the Library then maybe some experimental sketches.


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