Dungeness Trip

On Friday 5th May we went to the RSPB  in Dungeness. The reasoning for this trip was to take some photographs around the nature reserve for our environment brief. Here we could take photos of what we thought would look good on our double page spreads. Before going I was really looking forward to taking some photographs of the wildlife like birds and other creature. Unfortunately due to the weather being so windy, the birds didn’t really come out of hiding. Although I did manage to get some images of sheep, plants and a caterpillar. From what I have seen of my photos, I think that I have some good shots that I can use for my double page spread. The next step for me in the development of this project would be to do some in-depth research into double page spread layouts so I can know what size photos will be need for the spacing and aesthetics  of the page. Linking back to phenomenology Dungeness at being around nature for a long period of time can make you feel calm which then led to me feeling a to happier. I could also say that it even improved my creativity as the photos taken in Dungeness were  quite a bit better than the ones at the Crystal in London. This could be by being around more aspects of nature like trees, plants and animals rather than hundreds of buildings.


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