Sketches from the Crystals

IMG_0058While at the crystal I thought it would be a good idea to take some sketches from the outside and inside. The image to the left shoes two sketches I did of the outside of the building. The top sketch it very much based around shapes as I thought an abstract approach might be a good idea. This gave me the shape I wanted however the detail wasn’t there so I decided that I would do another sketch below including more detail.  One of the things I found hard while sketching the crystal was the reflection produced from the glass walls. So in the next sketch I looked really carefully at the details of the glass panels and I saw that there were dots were the individual panes of glass were. By adding in these sections, it gave the drawing a real 3D effect. I quite like how the second drawing turned out, i think that if I continued to do some more sketches of the building I would have used this technique, the overall outcome was really effective and gave depth to my drawing.

IMG_0059Here is another sketch I did but inside the crystal. This is one of these bolt things next to these neon lights. I thought that the shape of it looked really interesting and that it would make a really good sketch. This sketch turned out okay however it didn’t look exactly the same as the real life bolt. If I had spent more time on the drawing, I could have added more depth and shape to it adding that more realistic effect. I could also added shadowing to the neon lights giving it that rounded shape and effect. I could continue to work into them again however I wouldn’t get the same detail from working face to face with the actual object. Looking back, I probably should have done some more sketches of the inside showing a bigger variety of objects and showing the different styles in which I can draw and sketch. I also should have looked at lots of different objects and sketched them then compare and see what sketches looked better. So an improvement for me would be to do more sketches and recording trips.


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