Looking at Micro Photographers


Karl Blossfeldt  was born in June 13, 1865  and died on December 9, 1932. He was a German photographer, sculptor, teacher, and artist who worked in Berlin, Germany. He is best known for his close-up photographs of plants and living things, published in 1929 as, Urformen der Kunst. He was inspired, as was his father, by nature and the way in which plants grow. He believed that ‘the plant must be valued as a totally artistic and architectural structure.’ Blossfeldt made many of his photographs with a home-made camera that could magnify the subject up to thirty times its size, revealing details within a plant’s natural structure.                                                        Reference where I got this information:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Blossfeldt

For this project I wanted to do some research into interesting photographers, and considering that I was quite interested in Micro photography, Sancha recommended Karl Blossfeldt as a good artist to research. At first I googled him to see what style his work was like and I was really surprised which this style and I really liked how they were all in black and white. I thought that this added more depth to the photos are gave them a different purpose and meaning. I started to further into his work and research about him and I discovered that was actually a scientist that built this camera that could magnify plants and observe and record information about them. By knowing this information it made me feel different about these, rather than seeing this as just art it is also very scientific. Below I’m going to add images of his work.

These really inspired me and these images actually gained my interest into what these images were. I love the old feel of them with the warm background colour and off white that they are printed on. I think that this could be a really theme for the double page spread. I really like the limited colour palette of black and white, I think it can make a page look clean and sharp. Also I feel like , especially with micro photography that colour can draw your attention away from the main focus of the image so by making it black and which will add depth to the photo as well a gothic feel. Another thing that really appealed to me about his work is how a plant or shell can look so different close up and could be mistaken for industrial objects. I feel like the next step for me will be to look at existing artists with similar styles to Karl Blossfeldt and also start to add this effect to some of mine own photos plus consider the type of paper which will compliant my photos and a layout which will work well with this style of photography. I am also going to do further research into similar photographers to Karl Blossfeldt and see if I can combine any ideas togethers or just help to develop my current ideas to a more finished and defined concept.


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