The trip to the Crystal

On Friday 28th April as a class we went up to the crystal near the London dock yards. The crystal is one of the most sustainable buildings in the uk. On our trip up there, we were asked to take some photographs for our photography project and double page spread, as one of the double page spreads is about the crystal. In hindsight I should have done some research before I went like looking at existing photographers and their style of work.  This would have made the trip a lot easier, however I didn’t so I went in with a blind eye.  When we first got to the Crystal I started taking lots of photos of the outside of the building. I thought that for the double page spread it would be good to have some photos of both outside and inside. Below I’m going to insert some of the photos I took from the outside.

Here are some of the images I took of the exterior of the Crystal. I think that the majority of my photographs turned out okay however what I did find difficult with this building was the reflections from all the glass. The actual shape of the building made the photography quite hard however it did add more style to the photographs. If the weather had been a bit better and we had some sun, I might have been able to get the sun rays bounding off the building. Once I had got lots of images of the outside, I carried with taking photos of the inside.

I took so many photos of inside the crystal, here are just a few of them. There was such a wide of colour in the building that it just made the photos so interesting. One of my favourite bits of the crystal was the cinema room where images and videos were projected onto the walls and floor. While it was visually entertaining and interesting, the actual meaning behind the video was very powerful and really eye-opening. I have so many more photos I wanted to upload however I think some were a bit too similar. I think that I ca probably use some of these images effectively in the double page spread however more research in defiantly needed before choosing the right photos. In conclusion I really enjoyed this trip, it was very informative and was such a big eye opener for me showing how much we are damaging the planet and by using the technology displayed in the crystal how we can reduce and help prevent more damage to the earth.


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