My first go at micro photography

After doing some research and experimenting with photography and the environment, I thought that I would have a go at micro photography. I have already experimented with this type of photography when away at easter, however I thought it would be a good idea to by a micro lens for my phone and start going outside and experimenting with it. I really wanted to compare the micro photos taken on my camera compared to the ones I have taken with the camera on my phone. Below I’m going to show both the camera and phone photos to see which is the best quality.

These are the close up images I took on my camera.

These are the images taken from my phone.

Both style of images work really well however the phone micro lens abled me to get up closer to the plants and object. I am going to continue with both using my camera and the attachable phone lenses. The reasoning for this is that using my actual camera gives off a better quality of image with no blur and will look better when printed however with the phone micro lens I am able to get nearer to the object making the photograph more like micro photography. I really enjoy this style of photography as it can make the object featured in the photo look deceiving and can look like something completely different. I think I will look at photographers who have used micro photography and compare their style to mine and maybe combine some of our ideas together.


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