Experimenting with environment and Photography

Over the easter break, I thought I would start taking some photos for the new project and get some ideas on where to start. During easter I went up to Henley with my family for a few days so I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some photos of the environment. I wanted to find out what kind of style I was best at and what theme I would like to use for the double page spread. The first lot of photos I took were on a walk up over a hill overlooking some amazing views. I experimented with many different angles as I thought it would be a good idea to get a good variety of photos show many different sides and environments. Below I’m going to insert some of the images I took on this walk, they are not the best however it was a start and got the ball rolling on the new project. By looking back at the photos it gave me inspirations on what I wanted to achieve next time and what kind of style I was after.

These are only a few of the first lot of photos I took, there are many more however they are very similar to the ones above. Although these were my first lot of experimental photos, I didn’t really like any of them and decided that I wanted to take some while still up in Henley. We went to visit my dads aunt who lives right next to the Thames, so I thought this would be an ideal place to take photos about the environment. Not having a specific idea or plan for these photos I went with an open mind and took as many photos as possible hoping I would like some of them. Looking back on it I should probably of had a theme for my photos however by doing this experimental stage it led on to development of my ideas for this project.


So these are the photos that I took in her garden. I was desperately trying to find a style of photography that I was good that which also clearly represented the environment as the brief stated. I took pictures of both of her sheds, one being an old Anderson shelter which I found very interesting as it has a historical back. My dads family actually used this during the second world war, I couldn’t believe it was still standing. To me this was a perfect example of an environment also with sentimental value. The flowers and nature all around the shelter makes it look so beautiful and the green moss that has grown on it makes it looked aged but at the same time mysterious. The second shed was at the bottom of her garden and is a nice pale blue colour. To me it looks like where someone would go to have some alone time and seeing as it backs onto a field, goes there to be at one with nature. Again this is the perfect example for an environment and thought it would be worth taking a picture of.

While walking down by the river I decided to take some close up photos of bits of nature near the river. They turned out really well and the quality of the photos were really good. I would like to experiment more with this style of photography and possibly do some research into photographers who do similar styles of work. This could look really effective in the double page spread for the magazine. More experimenting and development is needed to I’m sure on what I want to achieve.


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