Combining Typefaces

In our lesson  on Tuesday, we were given this piece of paper telling us which fonts work well together and compliment each other. At the bottom of the graph it contain a key on how to read the graph, saying which ones work well, not the lest choice and ones that should never be used together. This is going to be so helpful with the current project as I can spend many hours trying to find a pair of fonts that will work really well together and help make the design of the page look the best it can be aesthetically. This again will be very helpful with future projects to come a type is such an important thing to have in a design as sometimes if it’s not right a ruin a whole piece of work. At the bottom of the graph, there is a paragraph telling about how we should combine texts together and what they can have on our audience. It also sates what problems can occur when trying to use two different fonts. I also know that having too many fonts on a page looks over crowed and ruins the design, personally I would never contain more than two fonts on a page as by having two makes it easier for them to compliment each other and adding effectiveness to the design. I can see this going to be very useful and I’m so glad we were able to receive this handout.



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