Personality of type

So in todays lesson what we had to was to match a font that suited the celebrity. We had to use the fonts and typefaces that were on indesign or you could download some from the internet. I decided to use the existing ones I already had to make it more challenging for me. I decided that the description about the person would all stay the same font to show the contract between the fonts.

Personlaity of Type Actvity imageSo the first person I started with was Adele, and I knew that her font had to be quite big and bold as she is quite a strong character and I wanted something that complimented her as an artist and a person. So the font I went with in the end was Ariel Black as it looked quite dominate and bold, I wasn’t sure if I should have used caps lock however I think that style I chose for her suites Adele quite well. The next person was Mr Bean. Now I know that this character is quite humorous as well as a clumsy like fool. I needed a font that captures all his characteristics so again I thought that a bold font with a bit more shape that Ariel Black would suit Mr Beans character. The next person was Captain Jack Sparrow and due to him being a pirate I thought that an old-looking font that would suit the type of character and the era he comes from. The font was called Luminary and it was a serif font which added to that aged effect. Albert Einstein was a difficult one as I wasn’t sure what to use however I went with a science theme and something you would expect to see on the TV or a film. I think the font I used shows theses qualities . It has a kind of geometric feel to the font however it still contains that serif feel to it. The font I chose was called Andale Mono, it looked like quite a unique font which describes the celebrity really well as he in himself was quite unique. I wanted Hillary Clinton’s font to be very formal to represent her status and what she is known for. I think that the serif font I chose was well suited and I can see this being used in a presidential campaign. For Venus Williams I wanted a font that showed she was from the sporting world , something you might see on a sporting channel. The font I chose suited her character and her job tile, its got a rounded corners but a square like frame like it’s from a score board. Boris Johnson was a kind of comical decision and I thought that this font suited his personality. Finally I wanted to have a kind of wild west theme with Wild Bill Hickok. I needed to be tall and thin however look quite bold at the same time. I was able to achieve this which I’m very happy about.




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