Photographers Galen & Barbara Rowell and Colin Prior

Galen Rowell:

The first Photographer that I looked at was Galen Rowell to get some inspiration for my own photographs and help me to discover a theme. What I liked about Galen Rowell’s photos that he took a range of different styles, some featuring animals, some featuring humans and others just plants and landscapes. There was such a wide range of focus points and colours in his work that it really got me interested . What I also liked was the different environments where these photos were taken, you have somewhere really cold with ice and snow which gives off blue and grey colours. Then in contrast you Africa  where the picture of the Elephant was taken which contains bright yellow and orange colours however it does also contain a very light blue and green. Finally the last photo is of a plant that looks like it’s near the sea and the sun setting behind it giving off pink tones. This is what interests me about these images and it had made me think that when taking my photos or when I’m editing them in Photoshop before placing them in the double page spread I need to think what colours work well together and how they will look together and on a page.

Barbara Rowell:

So looking at Barbara Rowell’s work it is very similar to her husbands work, showing many different sides to her photography. While doing some research I have discovered that both Galen and Barbara Rowell died in a plane crash on August 11th, 2002. So knowing this fact tells me that none of these pictures are recent however they are still remarkable and so imaginative. The colours used are just so incredible and they just work so well. I think what I have learnt from look at both Galen and Barbara Rowell’s work is that they know what angle and style of the photo works well with the environment and I think that comes from lots of practise and experimenting. In two photos above she has taken them from very high up giving this sort of panning effect/ point of view shot and it just looks amazing. Colours in photos is such a hard thing to get right and as I mentioned before it’s something I really need to research into more and make sure I focus on it in my own work.

Colin Prior:

The majority of Colin Prior’s work is landscape photography and I think that by look  at a variety of different styles of photography will help me decided what I want to achieve. As I was saying that lots of his work is landscapes the range from the beach to the country side, foreign countries and there are also a few photos that are not on landscapes. The colour and depth he gets in his photography is just incredible. He capture tone as well it just doesn’t look real. He has also done some portrait photography and  looks amazing well. Before I go any further with photography research I think I need to get out and start having a go at taking my own photographs and see what style feel more natural and once I have done that find a photographer that has a similar style to mine.


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