Requirements for the new brief and target audience

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 12.12.53

Here in the image above is the set brief for the next project. Here it states what I will need to achieve to get the highest grade, who are my target audience and what I will need to produce as a final outcome. Obviously my main focuses are the assessment criteria and how I need to aim my work at the set target audience. It doesn’t actually state who my target audience is however from reading the brief I can depict the my target audience is going to be people who read the magazine called ‘Photography now’, as this is where are double page spreads are going to be advertised. People who are interested in photography or have a general interest for the environment. As this magazine is very popular with many creative people, I must make sure that the appearance of my work is very high quality that will catch the eye of any photographer or a person with a creative talent. I want to have a continuous theme throughout my double page spreads as I want there to be a flow of design that all links together.

The brief states that there is a lot of research needed especially looking at existing environmental photographers, double page spread layouts, placement of text and typography. By looking at the brief it has given me an idea of what I need to do next and future blog posts I should do plus is has helped me understand the new project a lot better which might improve my final outcomes as a result.


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