Test prints


So here are our two tests prints with two different designs. by doing these two test prints we were able to get a perspective on what the final poster would look like and if there were any changes that needed to made. With the first test print, we discovered how bad the layout looked and how the information looked like it was floating it needed some anchoring points and just moving around. We also thought that the background didn’t look too good and the title didn’t stand out against it. The whole layout needed changing and by doing a test print we were able to discover this. We went away and started to do some work on the poster to try to make it look more presentable. The next test print looked a lot better than the first however even though we did two test prints we didn’t realise the multiple spelling mistakes this was a ¬†mistake the whole group made, unfortunately we didn’t realise this before printing the final poster however this is learning curve for all of us as this is a really important think that needs to be corrected and looks really bad in design. The poster was meant to be A2 however the test prints were on A3 as we didn’t want to waste paper printing to the correct size. We did a bit of design problem solving as 2 hours before presenting it to the class we had to make some serious changes. This made me feel frustrated however it also made me feel focused as I knew it had to be done in a very short time limit. The presentation as a whole went okay most of the feedback was negative however the positive feedback that we did get was about the amount of research we did into the topic. They also liked the illustration of the women at the bottom of the page. In the end we came together as a team and even though I wasn’t happy with how the poster turned out and that I would say it was embarrassing comparing our design to the other groups however our topic was quite hard and I intend to make my own ethical poster and will upload it to the blog.

IMG_9887So this is the final print of the ethics poster.The are multiple improvements that I have mentioned above and in previous blog posts so I’m not going to talk about it again. For a personal improvement would be to manage my time better with the making process and the blogging and evaluating.


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