How we targeted our Audience

The brief stated that are audience would be targeted at “the ordinary people who are the purchasers, users and perhaps makers of the case studies you present”. I think we managed to do this as I don’t think specifically aimed the poster at type of person, we kept the design informative with facts and figures. The brief also stated  to include “more difficult aspects (you can present any way you deem fit but show that you have justified your approach). You should assume the audience is local (UK) and you need to relate your case to their life”. We found the topic cut flowers quite difficult however we didn’t want to reduce the amount of content because of this. I think that the design we came up with would be suitable for people who live locally as it will give them an idea on whats happening when they buy flowers from their local super market. I think that we could have made the poster more clear that we need people to buy more locally source flowers as this has less of an impact on the environment if we grow cut flowers in the uk even if we do have to pay more. I’m not sure that our poster is very clear on what the message is however during the research we discovered that even though there are some very bad points about the cut flower industry that there are some good ones as well, we found this difficult to decide what side we should chose how we should go about portraying the cut flower industry. Over all I think we did target the chosen audience however we could have gone a better way about it , we could have made the facts clearer and just made the appeal of the poster better as this would have attracted more of our audience and maybe even widened it.


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