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The layout of this  poster isn’t perfect however it drastically improved. By separating the sections of facts and information it did make the text more clear and easier to understand and pulled the poster together. It does looked cluttered and over crowed however it does give the poster that infographic feel. With the layout also you can see that the text isn’t aligned properly and that it looks squashed in the spaces provided, again this was due to rush and lack of time, if I ever get round to doing improvements or starting again I will defiantly take layout more into consideration. It looks too compacted at the top like we were trying to fit too much information in, we could have reduced the sizing and that way fitted more information of the top. However I do feel that the two people at the bottom draw the meaning a purpose of this project which was the ethical rights of cut flowers and I think having these two illustrated people at the bottom helped show that through the design. We could have also chosen a better font as again this still looks way too bold, in fact it looks even darker printed this wasn’t discovered till after printing neither was the two typos found during our presentation. Layout of text was especially important as this is what we are being marked on, however we have learnt for next time.


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