Design process and Development

TESTThis wasn’t our first design, we had another one which included a setting in Kenya showing the lake being contaminated with pesticides and was very visual based however when it came down to adding more facts about the cut flowers we found that there was very limited space and that the background would distract people from the information on the poster, we couldn’t get it to work well so we left it and moved on to the next idea. The image to the right was the next poster idea. Personally I hated it and didn’t like it. The colour in the background was too dull and just didn’t help or improve the poster in the slightest, the facts and information were just floating in the air with no anchoring point, it just looked unprofessional and the sad thing is I knew we could do better. When the first idea didn’t work we should have walked away and started fresh. As we left the designing part too late we only had 2 hours for improvements. We had a discussion with our tutor and she suggested that we changed the layout of the poster and add some more facts. So I opened up illustrator and started to work on it straight away.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 18.25.54This was my first attempt at trying to save our poster, I wanted to re-arrange the layout of the information, I did this by separating it with box and lines to bring it all together, I changed the font to a bolder type face and also make the important facts bolder and bigger and also made them different colours which linked to the fact. By doing this it made the more important facts standout and draw peoples attention. Sancha asked us to add a bit more information however after replacing lots of the text I found that we were running out of space, to my dislike I had to place the text down the side of the figures which to me looked way too crowed and in a design sense just looked awful. Rhys did the title which looked really good and tried to link it to the project by adding floral embellishments underneath the main body of the text plus one form of the text was quite spirally like flower stems. If I’m being completely honest, even though the title looked amazing however it didn’t really suit the style of the poster or the font that was being used throughout the poster. I also changed the background colour to blue as the brown was just so dull and made the poster look depressing and I think changing the colour made it have a lighter feel and worked well with existing colours on the poster like red and yellow. As a group we decided that the font was just too bold and that the words that had been made big for a reason were being swallowed by the big bold black text so I changed it back to Helvetica.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 18.43.22   So this is the final design that we set on, I still dislike the whole thing but we had to submit something and this was it.  I knew that during the presentation we were going to get some severe criticism however that was just going to have to be. Over all I’m not please how this poster turned out and I can’t even think of a positive to say about it. I’m actually ashamed that I’m handing this in as a final piece however this is a learning curve for me personally for working independently and as working in a group. Time management is key and that working in a group can also be very distracting, we needed to be more focused on the designing rather than the researching.


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