Colour scheme

Even though I planed to have a colour scheme for the ethic poster, unfortunately this went completely out the window when it came it the designing stage due to lack of time. This was completely our fault and there was no excuse. What I had panned to do was use colours that complemented flowers and nature to give it that link to the project. The current colour scheme in the final poster was so missed-matched that it ended up being random. This not how I usually plan my designs and I’m completely shocked and upset with myself. I think that colour scheme is a very important part of the design as it visually communicates with the audience and this can sometimes be the main appeal of a design. Using complementary colours would have worked really well or just have being prepared more and done some research into existing colour schemes would have worked improved the poster dramatically.  If I have time I will recreate this poster to a higher standard for my portfolio as I wouldn’t be happy showing this off to future employees or an examiner.



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