The Design we chose

So this is the final design we went with, we decided as a group that this would be the design we would design out poster around as it considered the both side of the ethical debate, the workers in Kenya and the UK side of the Uk side of things.

IMG_9780What I liked about this sketch was that it was going to clearly show that there are two sides to the flower industry. This was Rhys design and what I liked about it was that was going to add visuals other than just writing, plus I really liked the contrast in people. I can see that he was trying include some of the information that we  have found out by adding imagery like planes releasing CO2 emissions, the river in Kenya dying and I thought he had really captured the ethics behind the cut flower industry. After deciding what design we were going to use the next step was to start doing some illustrations and designing in Illustrator. As a group I think we spent way too long on the research side and should have started designing a lot longer in advance so the time management on our part was bad however we didn’t want to include fake information or facts and also we did find it hard to decide whether we were going with a negative or positive approach as there wasn’t a defined bad or good side so I think this what took up most of our time in the research part of the project.


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