Divergent Thinking workshop

So on Friday we had a divergent thinking workshop and Illustration with Carlos Garde Martin. We started off the workshop with a bit of a group task where we start off with a single image that Carlos drew on the board and we had to draw the next thing that came into our heads.

IMG_9804The original image was an apple, the next person had to draw what the previous image reminded them of something or gave them inspiration or had a direct link to another object. This was a really creative way of coming up with new ideas plus working as a group we were able to bounce off each other with new ideas and illustration techniques. This was also a great team building exercise that the whole class could get involved with. It was great that every member of the group got involved and I think working as a group really helped with the creativity side of the task.

The next step was to do some independent and further group work. The fist task we did was the page that was covered in wiggles and lines and we were told that we had to make an image or illustration from the multiple lines. I managed to create a dog , I used to do this as a child so I found this task very familiar so I think I found it more enjoyable plus it took me down memory lane. We were then put into groups of three where we chose a topic and we had to make a mind map about it then make drawings from it. We as a group (Beth and I) chose Disney, however Cuan on the other hand didn’t like this choice so he decided to do his own mind map of the negatives of Disney. The image above shows mine and beth’s idea generation and mind map, we came up with lots of ideas and were able to come up with quite a few ideas for the next stage of the workshop.

17571266_1313619192049091_1042216042_oAs you can see these are the final sketches we came up with, in the end it just turned into us defacing each others work or drawing over the top or into existing sketches. Cuan decided to go down the nazi theme with Disney and comparing them to hitler where as beth and I went down the more positive route. This exercise was fun and again got everyone involved.  In conclusion I would do this workshop again as I thought it really helped me with idea generation techniques and helping me with development of ideas and how adding to a design can be just as good, plus working as a group means that you can generate more ideas which can benefit a project so much more and will get you the higher grades.



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