My own sketches

Before we chose our final design as a group, we decided that we would come up with our own ideas first then chose the final one. I really wanted my design to be informative but also link directly to flowers so people can still tell what the theme is. Below I’m insert my three sketches for the ethic poster design. I think my designs are informative and will give off a good sense of visual communication.


So here are my two first designs, the one to the left is the fist one I did where I considered having a cycle like a step by step graphic representing of the cut flower process to show what happens however I thought that this didn’t give enough information about the fact and figures of the cut flower industry and it needed to be more shocking so I swiftly moved on from this idea on the next one which is featured on the page on the right. This one is actually my favourite sketch as I feel like this would cover what the brief has set us                 (graphics and typography) but also keeping in with the visual communication part. The visuals on the poster will give the audience and idea of what the flower industry is like and it will also give them something to compare to. This will include a range of colours like flowers do and I think it will be cool to play around with layout etc. I also thought it would be a good idea to compare the flower industry to other business and industries and maybe compare the price of flowers from the ones grown and cut in the UK to the ones imported from foreign countries and that are sold in the supermarkets. Another idea would be to have a pie chart showing which supermarket is responsible for selling the most cut flowers, I think that people would find this interesting as this is where 70% of cut flowers are sold so I think this might be a good idea. Even thought I really liked this design I thought it would be a good idea to do another sketch to have a good range of ideas.

IMG_9889Here was another idea I had for a poster which was to make it look like labels from a garden centre or florist which then had information and facts about the cut flower industry with an illustration stuck next to it. Even though it’s not as good as my previous idea I still thought that it was a reasonably good idea. It would link back to flowers and everyone would know the theme. You could add elements of string and plant name stands where you could add extra information. I thought this would be a very visual poster which would be intriguing and draw peoples attention to the information on the poster. However then I did think that that this design wouldn’t really relate to the Kenya side of it where we have them woking on farms for long hours in the boiling heat in very poor conditions. Again this is another idea to consider when the group gets back together with their ideas. Overall I’m pleased with the ideas Iv’e come up with, I think my ideas fulfil the brief and suits the topic quite well however this doesn’t mean that my idea will be chosen this will be a group decision and we will see what gets chosen.








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