Existing infographics

Before making sketches and coming up with ideas separately and as a group, I thought it might be a good idea to do some research into existing infographics about flowers and not about flowers. I personally wanted to look at the different types of layout and how they worked and the effectiveness of  the infographic alongside with the colours and imagery used. Layout and visualisation is really important when it comes down to design, this is what communicates your idea to the audience, we need to decide what icons or other visualisations we want to include on the poster alongside with the research and information we have found out. Independently I started looking at examples of infographics from google and Pinterest and I thought I could pick our what elements work really well and what don’t, a possible blog post could be looking at colours that work well together (colour scheme).


These three infographics are about the flower industry so have some relation to my project. My favourite two out of the three is the two nearest the left hand side as I think there is more connection with theme than the other infographic on the right. What I like about the two nearest the left is the diagrams and pie charts that display information in a scientific but colourful and interesting way.These are very visual ways of presenting information with colours and imagery, this will make people more interested in a design if there is less writing and more visual aspects to communicate and explain information. Loads of text can be overwhelming for people and usually won’t bother reading or looking at the poster. If information is broken up and is presented in a more visual way so that people and visualise and compare to everyday object they know then they will find the poster more interesting and intriguing. Cut flowers are a big part of day-to-day life and society, everyone’s has bought or has received bought flowers during their lifetime so that this is quite a big target audience and could interest a lot of people. I thought it might be a good idea to look at other infographics that weren’t linked to flowers to see what different layouts and styles had be used to see if there is a different approach as a group.

From looking at these other two styles, there is also the use of photography it doesn’t have to be pure illustration. Even though I thought it might be a good idea to look at other designs it hasn’t given me any further ideas or ways to help develop current ideas further. What I think might be a good idea is come together as a group and see what other ideas we can develop as a group and compromise on combined ideas. As this brief is being marked on typography this will also play a big part in the design and layout of the poster/ infographic.


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