Divergent Thinking as a group

So to get some creative ideas generated we got a big piece of paper and talked as a group and did some mini sketches of some of the ideas we had come up with just by reading the brief and doing some research.

IMG_9778Here are just a few ideas we came up with, we were deciding what kind of style we as a group wanted to go with, this wasn’t for curtain but it just gave us some ideas that we could develop individually then come back and discuss and show some more finalised ideas and designs. We looked at having a cycle showing what process cut flowers go through, however we thought that possibly other groups might show the process like we did in prep-world so we thought we might try and go away from that idea and do something different. We knew that we wanted to show our target audience the negatives and positives of buy cut flowers and where is best to buy them, we want to include more visualisations than text however there will still be a reasonable amount of text on the poster as the project is heavily based on typography so we need to include this to get a good grade and complete the brief. The next step is to do our individual sketches and compare everyone’s idea together to come up with a more developed idea.



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