Target audience

In this post I’m going to talk about the target audience of the ethics poster. As a group we were given the topic of Cut flowers. The brief clearly states that our target audience “will be the ordinary people who are purchasers, users and perhaps makers of the case studies you present”. I think that the posters we are designing might be put up around the collage so we need to make the poster colourful and interesting which will catch people walking pasts eye and make them stop to read the poster. We want the poster to be informative and the visualisations on the posters to support the text on the page. As are target audience lives in the uk, we need to make sure that are poster will directly affect and target them with imagery that will appeal to them but also intrigue them at the same time. We also want the poster to look intriguing from close up as well as far way, if it looks appealing and interesting from far away people will walk up to it rather than just catching a small glimpse as they walk past.

As Cut flowers is a very unique topical and not many people will know a lot of information about it I think the information will be new for a lot of people so we need to make the text clear readable and make sure it informs people as the aim is to get more people aware of the ethics and consequences cut flowers have on people and the environment. We also need to show two sides to the cut flower industry so include some positives and negatives so people can make their own decision whether they think it’s morally right or not, we want to give the audience that decision.  Another thing we will need to be careful of is not overloading the page with too much information and facts, we need to get the right balance of aesthetics and information this way the poster will be affective and easier for the audience to read.


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