Phenomenology- Eating Raisins

In this lesson we were told to imagine eating a raisin, what it smelt like, what it taste like and how it felt in my mouth then finally eating it. I thought that this felt quite realistic and that my imagination was quite strong as I thought it was quite convincing. However we then had to redo this with a real reason raisin. It wasn’t how I had imagined it at all, it tasted and smelt different and the texture wasn’t the same. This exercise will help me with my design work as it has taught me that imagination and reality are completely different so both of these need to be thought about when designing.

fruit from a different planet: 

My fruit that I designed looks like a pineapple crossed with a strawberry. I can imagine it taste like a tropical combination with a prickly texture on the surface of the fruit. The inside of the fruit is very similar to a pineapple but had the texture of a strawberry.

The description of others people fruit was very clear and I could clearly imagine what the fruit would taste like and I thought that I looked worse that it tasted. Visualisation is also an important part of imagination and being able to understand the other people’s thoughts.



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