Typography workshop

So in todays lesson we had a workshop/tutorial on typography and then we had a go ourselves on creating our own type. Sean de Burca came in to talk to us about illustration, typography and graphic design in general and answered any questions we had. In the first part of the lesson he talked about being a free lancer graphic designer and talked to us about dealing with clients requirements etc. He mainly talked to us about the typography he does for bands, how he gets the ideas based on what the clients ask for. This was all very interesting and insightful, we then looked at previous commissions of his with digital illustrations both pencil and digital copies of his typography work which was all amazing. By looking at his work and what he has achieved has inspired me to do more work into typography in my own work and future projects.

IMG_9795   In the second part of the lesson we had a go at creating are own lettering and type faces using the same technique that Sean uses. The image to the left was my final outcome and I think it turned out quite well. The technique that he taught us made complete sense however it was still quite hard and I now appreciate the skill and precision of Sean’s work. The technique was to use the big white space as the main body bit of the text and work around by joining it together with the small blue lines.He did like a tutorial with us at the front of the class with a camera which showed the class what he was drawing on paper which was then projected onto the white board. I found the whole thing really interesting and I now see typography in a different light and this could be an area of my work that needs improving. I will add the other photographs from the workshop at the bottom of the blog posts to show what else we saw during the lesson.



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