Good design evaluation

  • In what ways have you considered the sustainability of your project process and outcomes? This website project was done completely digitally (on the computer) meaning no paper was used or wasted in fact I haven’t printed anything off this whole project. I didn’t need to do test prints as it was going to be seen digitally so there was no need to waste paper unless I want to add it into my portfolio.
  • In what ways have you considered the ethical implications of your project process and outcomes?  So when designing my website I was considering the ethical implications my design would have on people. I didn’t want to add anything that would offend people or cause any problem like copy right. I also didn’t want to add anything that would affect me as a graphic designer. I wanted to make my website interesting but I didn’t want people offend by the work uploaded or by the design of the website.
  • In sustainability and ethical terms in what ways was your work in this project an improvement or a backward step for you as a socially conscious designer? I think it was a step further as I was able to produce a piece of work/ project with any paper wastage. I also learnt a new skill and software which will help me in the future with other projects and future jobs. I’m also aware of how my design and work may affect others  either through religion, politics or something in day-to-day life so I need to be socially aware
  • What targets can you make at this point for your work in the future as a socially conscious designer? Again in the next project I think I need to be more aware of what materials I’m going to use and how this good effect my design and me as a designer. What good make my design better for the environment and what message is it giving. I know that I could have mentioned in my actual website if I considered myself an ethical/ socially responsible designer on the about page and I could have said how and why I consider myself to be one.



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