How did I target my audience

Well as my audience are graphic designers, artists and clients looking for someone to do work I needed my website to be approachable for a wide audience. It needed to be clear and easy to navigate as if it’s a client they want something simple for which they can contact me on and look at my previous work. I also wanted to make my website appealing to the artists and graphic designers that look at the website and I wanted it to be interesting for them as well as clear to understand. By adding images of my work would show future clients and graphic designers of what my work is like and what I’m capable of and if i have a curtain style. I wanted to show a big variety of my work from Btec and HND including photography, illustration and page layout etc. I wanted to add an animation however I wasn’t sure due to the music used if it would be seen as copy right so as I wanted to keep my website ethical and not get into trouble I left it out. I think that even though my website was simple it was still aesthetically please and the layout worked well, it wasn’t too to boring and at the same time looked interesting. Overall I think I was able to target my audience by following the brief and making sure that I targeted two sides of my audience.


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