How did I find using Muse

As creating a website from scratch was a new thing to me, so was using muse software. At first while doing tutorials with Tim I found using the software really quite simple however the quality of my websites weren’t that great however at the time that didn’t really matter as it was just a practise site plus it was only my first time using the software. When it came round to actually making my website in muse I had quite a few problems such as the footer and lots of white space. Usually these problems would occur when the website design was viewed in “View site in browser’ here I would see the problems that I didn’t know how to solve. Curtain fonts used would be blurry as well as photographs, text and images would move around the page with out me telling it to, random white space and having my design moving up the page and not filling the screen. My website would look perfect in the editing view however when I opened it in preview it just wouldn’t work. This software drove me to frustration as whatever I did to change my website something went wrong and I would have to spend ages searching the internet to solve it as my knowledge of muse is very limited. Another problem I had, was that two previous website documents corrupted so I had to restart all over again, twice. Muse isn’t as good as other adobe softwares, there are limited creation tools, it doesn’t accept lots of format styles  and the layout with all different panels isn’t as well laid out as Photoshop and Illustrator.  I know that if I used the software more I would get used to it and better at producing better quality projects however I just found that the un-practicalness of this website just slowed the whole making process down and has probably been the worst part of the project. Also do to my limited knowledge of the software my design was limited to what I was able to physically achieve. So in conclusion I didn’t really like using muse, if I had to use it again I would be not solely out of choice.



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