Using Semiotics Within My Website

After finishing my website I realised that without noticing that I had use multiple semiotics within my design. So the first thing I realised what that I had used social media symbols at the bottom of the web page.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 13.32.36

On the website I never mention the name of any social media site however people automatically recognise these icons and symbols that associate with a social media site. This is something that has developed as social media has become more and more popular and is becomingScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 13.48.16g the norm to see these icons on a day-to-day basis. Another semiotic I’ve used is probably the logo I made, I created something that will remind people of me as a designer when the see the logo. It consists of letters and shapes very similar to the social media icons. Looking back at my previous designs, the colours I used also held semiotics as the colour yellow symbolises joy and happiness and by the audience seeing this on a design with draw them to the website.

The map being used on the contact page included semiotics within, you have patches of green and blue, green symbolising land and parks and the blue symbolising water. These facts could also suggest to the audience that the location on the website is set in a town not a big city or the country side. Although I haven’t included these in my own website, buttons and arrows are also semiotic symbols. In the menu bar I have one arrow pointing down, people know that this means that more information bellow.Symbols i websites have changed and developed over time and by me using the in my own design will help the audience under and be able to navigate around my website without a lot of text or bother.



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