Aesthetics and Practical uses of my Website

So after making and fishing my website, I thought it might be good to do an overall evaluation on how my website aesthetics look and how practical my design is to use. I’m going to start with the front home page.

screen-shot-2017-03-14-at-17-03-191-e1489660112874.pngSo this is the first thing that my audience will see when they open or click on my website link. Personally I think that my website has suitable for the purpose of the website. At first I wanted a design or pattern as the main image on the front page however after doing some further research and discovering that many graphic designer have photographs as their main image on their website made me change my mind. I also feel that by using this image shows my audience what it looks like when I’m in a working environment and it also makes my page look more professional. I really like my logo design so I wanted to incorporate this into the design somewhere but the main image was taking up too much space so then I had the idea of having the logo above the menu bar which I had seen in a previous design. I think that the overall aesthetics of the homepage are really good, the design has a clean and sleek finish, the layout is neat and easy to understand and navigate. The social media icons at the bottom of the page have direct links to my various social media pages advertising my work plus a link to my blog. There is also a menu bar at the top of the page which have links to the other pages within my website and will take them straight there. The menu bar is clearly labelled with readable text that had even spacing and is a reasonable size. I have even included a drop down box in the portfolio tab as there are two sub pages showing work from previous years so this will make finding other pages and work a lot easier and give them quicker access.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 17.03.35So this page is a little bit about me as a person and as a designer, I didnt’ want to make it too personal by I wanted to let the audience know why I have this website and what I’m currently doing as a designer. I have continued the same menu bar and social media icons at the bottom of the page keeping some continuity about the design, I have used the same font as the home page to keep the flow of the design going. There isn’t a lot on this page however it just gives people a little bit of information. I dint want to give them information overload as I thought that might make them lose interest of my website. I have included a digital illustration of me above the writing, I used an illustration as I had used a photo on the homepage plus I didn’t have a picture of me that I would like to have used. I think the illustration shows people what my work is like and the type of style I use its also very different and I thought it worked well with the design. I think this page is practical and follows the same aesthetics as the home page. The accessibility of the page is very easy and straight forward, there are no fancy transitions and I think its very to use.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 17.03.48This is the contact page for my website, again the layout and style is very similar to the two previous styles. The aesthetics of these pages continue the same design through them, the only difference is that the layout on some of the pages are different as one layout for one page won’t always work for another plus if you kept the same layout for each page the website would become very boring. I didn’t want over complicate this page or make it look over crowed, I wanted it to be simple and clear to understand. I thought to add colour and imagery, a map at the bottom of the page would give the page some colour and give the design and page more attraction.  Again I didn’t want to make the working of the page too complicated that people couldn’t use it so from the widget panel in muse I chose the simple information box as that’s what I thought would work well. What I should have done (which I forgot to do) was add a little bit of text saying please contact me if you want commissions etc. I think having the logo at the top of each page works really well and gives it that professional modern look.


These two final pages are my portfolio and where I have operated my work into two pages. I thought aesthetic purposes that having two pages would make the page look less cramp and make the design layout have more room with equal spacing. I think that the design works both aesthetically and practically, I wanted both pages to have the same layout and style however I had more work for the Btec page then the HND so some simple adjustments had to be made. Practically there isn’t much for it not to work as it’s not overly complicated and if the get confused the menu bar redirect them to the right page.

Over all I’m happy with the aesthetics and practicality of my design, it’s not a fancy parallax website with transitions and moving illustrations however I just wanted to create a nice place to upload my work and make an online portfolio for my work, which I have achieved so in conclusion I’m happy with my final web design.




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