Efficiency of my Website

After finishing the in the process post, I thought I should talk about the efficiency of my website. I saw that in the brief I must talk about the efficiency of my website, so the first  thing I did was research the meaning of efficiency:“Efficiency is a measure of how well a website does what it should do. Efficiency of the tools introduced into the website is just as important as the presence of the tools themselves. As Susan Dray says, “If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work.”(http://www.affordableusability.com/usability/efficiency.html)

The purpose of my website is to be an online portfolio of my work, it will tell people about me as a person and designer, how they can contact me if they want work done or are just interested in my work and where there can see my current work and work from previous years that have been separated into different pages. All the pages are broken down simply by the menu bar at the top of the web page which is clearly visible. When name of page is clicked on, the viewer id directed to the page of choice, this is very simple and efficient as it does what the view wants it to do with no complications.

The front home page has a nice simple but effective layout however also lets the audience know that this page is about graphic design. Personally I don’t think that my website is hard to use, I could put this to the test by asking my friends, family and fellow class mates on how easy and problem free they found my website, this would also be constructive feedback and would help with development in the future. I’m going to do a post on practicality and accessibility to develop this topic further and evaluate my website in more depth.


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