Research Into existing online website softwares

Before settling with using one software to make my website, I thought that it would be good to do some research into the other types that are on the internet that do the same thing as muse. Even if I don’t end up using these softwares it’s good to have back-ups incase one type of software goes wrong. So obviously I’ve looked at muse and have done some tutorial lessons with Tim so I didn’t need to research this however in my previous years in Btec I remember using a website called Wix that I used to create a website promoting me as graphic designer. I remember it being quite simple and you could upload images etc, so this could be quite good to look into.

I logged back into my old account and started to make a new website. When you start from the begging it gives templates that are suited to your company or genre. For example there is a design section and gives you examples for portfolios,Graphic Design, Photography and fine art. I found this really helpful as it also influenced me and showed me what I could achieve however I do think that this method for making a website could reduce creativity. This defiantly a quicker way of making a website however I do think that using muse will be a better option as it shows off my ability to use multiple softwares plus I feel like I will have more work to show for the project if I use muse. My plan is to use Wix as a back-up or create two websites  if something goes wrong with the muse website or that I  just don’t like the website that I produced on muse. I was going to do some more research into other online softwares that allow you to make websites however just by looking at one I decided that for my portfolio and to help build my adobe software skills that muse was the best thing to use. The next step is to start making my website in muse.



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