Website Sketches and ideas

The next step was to start making some sketches for my website after doing some in-depth research. I’ve done multiple sketches that I think will look good. Sketches are really important as its good to get all your ideas down on paper before making digital copies, you can add notes around them and sometimes they can encourage or develop current ideas into new and improved ones.

FullSizeRender 2Here are two of my first sketches where I was experimenting with parallax and normal website layouts.The first design I did was the one on the left, I used inspiration from my research with one big image on the front of the home page,with the menu bar at the top of the page and at the bottom links to all my social media pages plus a link to my blog. Then down below I started to plan other pages with in the website like the contact page, about and how I was going to present my work as a portfolio. I have labelled my design with what I want it have and look like to give me reminders when I’m creating this in muse. On the opposite page it a parallax design like the one we did in Tim’s lesson. It’s very similar to the design next to it but in a parallax form rather than original website design. I also thought about making it animated like on some other websites I looked however I wasn’t too sure how I would go about it, I would use adobe flash (animate), maybe next time when I have more knowledge about muse software can I then add animation into it. I thought maybe I could add some flowers into the website as then it would link to my blog page so that all my digital media links together and had a flow.

IMG_9732 Here is another design I did not too dissimilar from the previous two however with this design I thought maybe have all my work on show on the home page rather having a separate page for it, making it the portfolio. Then maybe have the menu bar down the side of the page with the social media icons down the side as well. I got the inspiration for this from one of the websites I looked at earlier on called Carter Wrong Design. I really liked their style so I took that and decided to make it my own. The colours for all designs are not curtain yet however I do like the simplicity of black and white as I think it looks professional and makes the website look smart and sleek. What I also discovered when making my sketches was that having a logo would make the website look so much better plus you can transfer that on to anything such social media giving you that link to the website again. Also when people see your logo they will know its you and what your company is all about.

IMG_9737Before moving onto logo design I thought back to the previous post I made about web design theories and how when designing websites its good to use silhouettes and shapes to visualise the layout, I decided to have a go myself with some of my designs to see how it turned out. Here are my two examples. For making quick sketches and producing lots of ideas like the idea generation process this works really well. I would say start off doing quite a few of these then move on and developed the sketches, this what worked well for me and also I’m linking my research and my ideas together which is linking the brief. the next thing I’m going to do is start sketching some logo ideas, I know it says in the brief that you don’t have to and don’t waste time on it but I think a good logo and really make to break a website and I want mine to be the best it can be.


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